Complex Numbers as Python Objects

This subtype of PyObject represents a Python complex number object.

PyTypeObject PyComplex_Type
This instance of PyTypeObject represents the Python complex number type.

int PyComplex_Check(PyObject *p)
Returns true if its argument is a PyComplexObject or a subtype of PyComplexObject. Changed in version 2.2: Allowed subtypes to be accepted.

int PyComplex_CheckExact(PyObject *p)
Returns true if its argument is a PyComplexObject, but not a subtype of PyComplexObject. New in version 2.2.

PyObject* PyComplex_FromCComplex(Py_complex v)
Return value: New reference.
Create a new Python complex number object from a C Py_complex value.

PyObject* PyComplex_FromDoubles(double real, double imag)
Return value: New reference.
Returns a new PyComplexObject object from real and imag.

double PyComplex_RealAsDouble(PyObject *op)
Returns the real part of op as a C double.

double PyComplex_ImagAsDouble(PyObject *op)
Returns the imaginary part of op as a C double.

Py_complex PyComplex_AsCComplex(PyObject *op)
Returns the Py_complex value of the complex number op.

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