4.1 Standard Exceptions

All standard Python exceptions are available as global variables whose names are "PyExc_" followed by the Python exception name. These have the type PyObject*; they are all class objects. For completeness, here are all the variables:

C Name  Python Name  Notes 
PyExc_Exception Exception (1)
PyExc_StandardError StandardError (1)
PyExc_ArithmeticError ArithmeticError (1)
PyExc_LookupError LookupError (1)
PyExc_AssertionError AssertionError  
PyExc_AttributeError AttributeError  
PyExc_EOFError EOFError  
PyExc_EnvironmentError EnvironmentError (1)
PyExc_FloatingPointError FloatingPointError  
PyExc_IOError IOError  
PyExc_ImportError ImportError  
PyExc_IndexError IndexError  
PyExc_KeyError KeyError  
PyExc_KeyboardInterrupt KeyboardInterrupt  
PyExc_MemoryError MemoryError  
PyExc_NameError NameError  
PyExc_NotImplementedError NotImplementedError  
PyExc_OSError OSError  
PyExc_OverflowError OverflowError  
PyExc_ReferenceError ReferenceError (2)
PyExc_RuntimeError RuntimeError  
PyExc_SyntaxError SyntaxError  
PyExc_SystemError SystemError  
PyExc_SystemExit SystemExit  
PyExc_TypeError TypeError  
PyExc_ValueError ValueError  
PyExc_WindowsError WindowsError (3)
PyExc_ZeroDivisionError ZeroDivisionError  


This is a base class for other standard exceptions.

This is the same as weakref.ReferenceError.

Only defined on Windows; protect code that uses this by testing that the preprocessor macro MS_WINDOWS is defined.

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